Visionaries – Videos from Inside the Creative Mind of Tyler Perry

The Oprah Winfrey Network debuted a new series called, “Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind” this past Sunday. An hour long journey, following some of the most influential and interesting people who are clear visionaries in their field. For the first week, Tyler Perry was highlighted and was more than inspirational…he awakened and set fire to those watching…to go out and be YOUR change. DREAM…Here are a few of the videos from the program. Watch. Dream. Be Inspired.

From OWN: Inside Tyler Perry’s Creative Mind – Meet Tyler Perry: Writer. Director. Actor. Composer. Visionary. Get a glimpse inside Tyler Perry’s creative process, and hear the surprising story of how Oprah inspired a young Tyler to look up a curious word in the dictionary. Then, tune in on Sunday, October 16th at 8/7c for the premiere of Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind, part of a whole new season of OWN!

From OWN: Tyler Perry – Planes, Trains and Hard Work – Tyler Perry, who’s early years were filled with abuse and poverty, discusses how his childhood has influenced his hobbies as an adult.

From OWN: Tyler Perry – It’s Showtime for Madea in New Orleans – Watch Tyler Perry as he gears up for the premiere of the stage production of Madea in New Orleans and let’s us in on his thoughts and feelings surrounding this great endeavor of his.

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