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Unleashing Your Gratitude Circle

It’s amazing and true that what you ask the universe for, it will give to you.  A little closer to our Oprah moment and our big California adventure at OYou in LA later this month, we have now arrived at our Oprah inspired week for our boot camp and are ready for the wave of inspiration and gratitude just waiting to flood our lives.  

As we have worked through our many lessons during these last few weeks, now we are all about unleashing our gratitude circle and putting that into place in our life.  Challenging ourselves to put some of Oprah’s live your best life suggestions into practice has led us to this week and our hope is that we fill up our lives with the joy and energy that living in gratitude brings.  In return, we hope that how we move through this next week will take root into our lives and into others as well.   

As we get ready for LA, we are full of excitement and adrenalin coming in to this week.  Just the kind of energy that you need to change the world…and change your life.  We are ready to fill up our cup and drink it all in!  Bring on the JOY! Unleash the gratitude.  Let us start by unleashing our gratitude on you, our readers.  You being here means the world to us.  Thank you for reading our blog, for finding our stories, and for letting us share our hearts and our words with you. We are so very grateful…so thank you, thank you and thank you!

Now, here is how we are focusing in on gratitude this week.

  • Gratitude Meditation – Each and every day, take 15 minutes to sit still and thank the world for every single thing that you can think of.  The wind, the trees, the gas in the car, the brief breeze in the hot day, the gift of touch, smell, taste, sight….you get the idea.  Fill up your core with gratitude…
  • One Gratitude Gift a Day – Reach out to someone different each and every single day and say thank you.
  • Pay It Forward – Let someone go ahead of you in line, pay for someone’s drink at Starbucks, smile at a stranger, give the gift of listening, do something for someone else…put this on the list for each day.  Small acts bring big results.  Change the world with just being the change.
  • Focus on the positive – Be the positive force in the world and turn away from the negative. 

We hope you follow our journey and are inspired enough to join us…especially this week.  Welcome to week ten of our OYou 2012 Boot Camp Challenge.  Opening your heart and your life to being grateful for the world around you is amazing.  When you live in gratitude it reminds you at every twist and turn of your day how amazing life can really be.  When you focus on the positive, it changes everything.  Take the time to pay attention to your life and fill yourself up with gratitude. This week we are focusing on unleashing the wave of gratitude into our life…because being swept up in a gratitude wave is the best way to be swept up into living your best life.

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