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Tuesday on the Gayle King Show – February 15, 2011

Good morning Gayle King Show.  Just after a month of being on the new OWN network for a little over a month, Gayle is finding out that everyone is a critic.  Yes, Gayle….but those of us that love you only have feedback…or “suggestions” as Diane Sawyer suggested in her Master Class.  So, here we go….

  • About the LA Reporter at the Grammys – gibberish from the reporter covering the Grammy’s…stroke? Seizure? She seemed to recover quickly…and today she is fine….but this looked scary.  Nothing to laugh at. Strokes are increasing in people that are younger…I wonder why that is…So, here are some helpful tips…Warning signs of a stroke – ACT F.A.S.T.
  • Face – does the side of the face drop?
  • Arms – does on arm drift down?
  • Speech – is it slurred or strange?
  • Time – call 9-1-1
  • About Egypt’s Revolution – The young people of Egypt…”it was hard to believe what I was seeing.”  We were so moved…and I can’t turn away from it.  Help us understand why this is so important…give us some perspective.  Shahira Amin via Cairo former senior reporter from Nile TV calls in to help us all understand.  She left amidst the protest because she felt she had to choose what side she was on.  “Why does President Mubarak needed to go?” Gayle asks.  “He was there for 30 years.  Rampant corruption. Poverty. High unemployment. Soaring food prices and I think why the protesters went out to the square was they wanted freedom and they wanted social justice. The gap had grown too wide between the haves and the have nots,” Shahira tells us.  To see an end to corruption…the passion of the people….this is an amazing and inspiring story.  I remember seeing her amidst the revolution when I was glued to CNN and thinking….she stood up.  This is about people standing up….and saying, “no more.”  Bravo Shahira!
  • About Charlie Sheen – the question on the table….”how do you deal with someone in denial?”  Charlie….first going thru rehab at home…then, detoxing and dialing into a radio show?…ready to go back to work already?  Forced hiatus?  “I’m here. I’m ready. They’re not. Bring it.”  Dr. Drew…he needs you.  Charlie….you need him.  Denial.  Man…”stay away from the crack…unless you can handle it socially…yeah, I can….but that kinda blew up in my face like a crack pipe.”  Hmmm…doesn’t sound like someone who has made the change. 
  • About Jeopardy – human vs. the computer.  I can’t even get the answers right in teen jeopardy….let’s move on…
  • About Lisa Ling – I love her…since always….  “Our America” premiers tonight at 10pm on the OWN network.  Don’t miss it!    Lisa was great on “The View,” but I have loved her more with her reports for Oprah and others.  I just love her.  The show is domestically focused….about stories here.  Her first story, on a ‘faith healer conference.’  I’m skeptical…but my sister will be reviewing the story.  Look for it here on  So, let me just reflect…Gayle, what was that?  5 minutes with Lisa?  It just seemed so fast….I wish she would have stayed longer….it would have been nice to have you two get into a real conversation about things in the world.  More time was spent talking about Charlie Sheen…than talking to Lisa Ling.  What’s up with that?
  • About the theme song….from 13 year old Angelique Francis from Canada.  Great job….So about the song, just pick one…try it out….move on.  I’m feeling a little like I’m having a “move on” kinda day.

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