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Top 5 Moments this Week on OWN

Each Friday, we’re taking a look back over the week and bringing you the “Top 5 Moments” of OWN programming each week.   There were plenty of moments to pick from….so much good stuff and we did our best!

Oprah’s Lifeclass: The Tour –  Oprah opens up her worldwide classroom to us again with the launch of OLC: The Tour.  Live on the web each Monday, people from around the world can login to the classroom twice each Monday.  The first shows are being taped for later viewings, while the 2nd evening show is being broadcast LIVE on OWN.  This week, Iylana Vanzant gave us tools and lessons to help stop any pain in our lives.  Click here for a full recap and class notes!

Oprah’s Lifeclass Standing with Steve –  In a powerful moment from Oprah’s Lifeclass, the world stood with Steve.  Steve opened up to the class and told of his story – recovering from addiction and just having a really hard time.  Oprah asked her audience to stand….anyone who had known someone like Steve or anyone who had battled their own stories in their lives.  Then, she asked everyone virtually and on social media to #StandwithSteve.  As the moment grew, the lesson became clear.  We are all connected.  We are all human.  We are all Steve…or know Steve.  It was powerful!

Oprah’s Masterclass with Jon Bon Jovi – There were so many lessons in this week’s “Masterclass” with Jon Bon Jovi.  But one in particular that echoed for us was all about family!  “Love one another unconditionally but push each other like nobody else would,” JBJ told us.  In the beginning, the band understood that their unique bond and relationship had the ability to sustain them…and decades later, it still is!  Definitely rock star lessons from an amazing human being.

Oprah’s Next Chapter & TM – OWN viewers were astounded by the impact mediation had on a unique town in Iowa.  With only 20 minutes of meditation twice a day, there seemed to be a shift in awareness of life and living.  Kids pausing at slumber parties to meditate, handling stress like pros and appearing to be quite centered for young hearts and minds.  We couldn’t help but wonder what impact this curriculum would have on our own public schools…and how to move this wave out into the world.

Super Soul Sunday interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer – Taking a few moments each Sunday to spend with Oprah, this Sunday O took us on an inspirational journey to Maui with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  It was soulful and inspiring.   As he took the time to distinguish between the art of manifestation and the law of attraction…which takes everything to a new depth.  By assuming our wishes are already fulfilled….we all can change the world.  Definitely a change your life moment or two!

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