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Top 5 Moments This Week on OWN

Each Friday, we are taking a look back over the week and bringing you the “Top 5 Moments” of OWN programming each week.   There were plenty of moments to pick from….so much good stuff and we did our best! 

  • “Oprah’s Next Chapter” with the Widows in India – The Mother Teresa moment with Dr. Giri was incredible.  Not only did she open her heart and a home, she gave widows hope for something more than what society had given them.   She showed them that they had value and that they mattered.  We were shocked to see how the Indian culture responded to widows in the community…especially since the culture seemed so family centric and both peaceful and loving.  While we found ourselves respecting so much about their culture, we were disappointed to see it didn’t translate to all aspects.
  • “Oprah’s Lifeclass: The Tour Finale” with Tony Robbins– Although virtually each and every word in the finale was a lesson in gratitude, one moment in particular brought both of us to tears…participating in Tony Robbin’s “Emotional Flood.”  Learning about the stacking of experiences was such an “A-Ha” moment.  This lesson led into an incredible journey of gratitude.  The memories flooded us…moments that we didn’t even expect, some of which included OWN Ambassadors and our journey with OWN.  The experience was priceless.  YES…it was that good! 
  • “Oprah’s Master Class” with Sidney Poitier – Another Sunday with Sidney, Sidney Poitier gives us an additional hour of Master Class and amazing lessons to fill our lives.  One of the greatest lessons from this second hour is “Don’t let failure get in your way.”  Through all the stories that Sidney adorns us with, the common thread is his courage and persistence to just keep moving forward.  His heart sings with the stories as he tells us of his journey…of his poor auditions…of his learning to read through listening to the radio…of his offer to be the janitor just to attend acting lessons.  His ability to not let failure get in the way and the amazing way that he is able to see it less as failure and more as opportunity, is an admirable character trait that we can all learn from.  Just keep moving forward…when you see an obstacle, find a way around it.  Look for the opportunity in the moment. See the opportunities in life. 
  • “Oprah’s Lifeclass: The Tour Finale” Thank You Game – As we talk about pushing positive energy out into the world, Oprah challenged all of us to bring it to life with the “Thank You Game.”  One “Thank You” has the ability to reach up to 258 people.  By the end of the week, the “Thank You Game” had over 6 million moments of gratitude that had been sent out into the universe.  We are certain that there were far many more…we only registered once but made it a point to voice gratitude at least 20 times a day.  Thank you, Oprah, for reminding us to be grateful. 
  • Super Soul Sunday’s with Deepak Chopra- Once again a master of lessons, Deepak Chopra gave insight to his opinions on ageing and how we all can slow down our biological clocks.  He began by instructing us to view our bodies as energies, rather than flesh and that balance was important.  For if we are always in a hurry, our clocks will speed up…taking time off our lives.  Our favorite quote was “People don’t grow old.  When they stop growing, they become old.”  Love it!

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  1. 1 the emotional flood
    2. Super soul Sunday… Deepak…on anger
    3. TDJakes … Final words
    4. Sidney Poitier ‘s story
    5. Lifeclass season one repeat on Sunday morning

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