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Top 5 Moments This Week on OWN

Each Friday, we are taking a look back over the week and bringing you the “Top 5 Moments” of OWN programming each week.   There were plenty of moments to pick from….so much good stuff and we did our best!

  • “Oprah’s Next Chapter” in India –  Sitting in a 10×10 home with a beautiful family in the slums of Mumbai, viewers watch as the smiling faces of the children tell us how happy they are.  Panning to the father who has tears in his eyes, Oprah asked him what his dream was for his family.  He just wanted a better life for children.  He had been in the same small room for 33 years (he had lived there with his family growing up).  Despite how little they had, they were grateful…and that is how they lived their lives.  It was a powerful reminder that as humans we really don’t need much.  It’s all about perspective, adapting to what you have and never giving up hope.
  • “Oprah’s Masterclass” with Sidney Poitier –Sidney’s “Masterclass” was bursting with lessons and light.  Truly amazing work.  However one piece spoke to us above all the other teachings.  While working as a dishwasher in a restaurant, a Jewish waiter noticed that Sidney was looking at a newspaper and asked him “what’s new in the paper”.  Unable to read, Sidney told him he didn’t have a good education and was trying to get better at reading.  He asked Sidney if he’s like it if he read with him.  An amazing outreach of the human spirit and a profound difference it made in his life.  During the program, someone tweeted to us that there just aren’t people like that in the world today.  But if anything this lesson has taught us is that we all have the ability to be the “Jewish waiter” and change someone’s life. 
  • “Oprah’s Lifeclass” with Deepak Chopra– Perez Hilton took to the stage talking about his new spiritual frequency.  It was interesting.  When we began our website we made a conscious decision.  Despite all of the advice written out there telling bloggers to write negative material to attract readers, we made the decision to not go there.  That isn’t who we are and it isn’t the energy we want to put out into the world.  Listening to Perez one thing kept coming to my mind…”if you know better, you do better.”  No one is perfect and the hope is that each of us can embrace the good despite the road it took for those to get there.  AND we all are responsible for the energy we put out into the world.  Be aware and be thoughtful.
  •  “Breakthrough” with Tony Robbins- Watching the journey of a couple who were falling apart, Tony highlighted Ron & Marie who had gone from a six-figure job to losing all of their savings and unable to find employment for years.  Filling their marriage with blame, they didn’t know where to turn.  In one of their tasks, Tony had them living on the street homeless (no perks or protection from the camera crew).  They LIVED it.  Learning to rely on one another and finding gratitude for what they have, they learned that they could handle anything.  It was a wonderful lesson.
  • Super Soul Sunday’s with Ram Dass- God lives in the moment…not in the past or future.  Those are in the mind.  In the stillness of “now” is where you find God.  It’s a beautiful reminder to not get caught up in the past or obsessed with the future.  In the still of now is what truly matters.

Don’t see your favorite moment here? Well…leave a comment and share it with other us and the rest of the OWN family.

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