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The Princess Room and the Wave of Love – Adventures from OYou 2012

For the last week, we’ve been running through someone else’s life…staying in the absolute best hotel in Beverly Hills, taking meetings with Sony executives, having lunch with Oprah, talking with heads of television networks and going to cookie parties in West Hollywood. But it isn’t someone else’s life…it has been ours…so when we ask ourselves, “who does this?” there is only one answer, “we do.”  Like an amazing dream that you don’t want to wake up from, we have found ourselves right in the middle of a world unfamiliar with levels of happiness and energy that we never could have dreamed of…and all this because we followed a whisper.

Over the next few days, we hope to share a little of what this experience has been like and through sharing, we hope to open our eyes a little more to the amazing experience and tremendous gifts that we have been given…that of hope, faith and friendships…and our adventure all started with two little princesses sharing their princess rooms.

When coming to LA, there were to families we had on our list to visit – our OWN Ambassador family and our family of friends who have been with us through high school, college, weddings and kids. So, as we stepped off the plane at LAX, we headed to the valley to a warm Pottery Barn decorated home, an amazing couple and their two twirling and fantastic daughters.  From the moment we touched down, love started pouring in via text messages, “Where are you? We are so excited to see you…”  The love came in waves….seriously, waves.  Behind the dinner, the dancing, the playing, the laughing and the conversation was a heart of friendship that embraced us from the moment we touched down.  After a 24 hour no time for sleep day, after the little girls stopped dancing and fell asleep and a perfect night finished up with a little political conversation in the cool California breeze outside, we made our way to our rooms – the Princess rooms.  Each of their daughters, twirling at 5 and 7 years old, had given us each a hug, a performance and their bedrooms for the night.  No other room could have come with such love and amazing energy.  It was the biggest gift…and the best way to start our adventure.

After a solid 5 hours sleep, we were up again and soaking in as much visiting as possible…because we knew that when we left, this part of the trip was over.  It was as if someone had perfectly planned our stop because starting out with this level of love catapulted us into what was to come.  Judy, Tom, Christina and Alexa – we love you.

Soon after our goodbyes, we found ourselves driving toward Beverly Hills on a sunny California day…feeling like we had never left and our native California roots stretching out and settling in.  Everything just felt right.  Coming home to California on this trip really felt exactly like that – coming into the familiar climate and traffic and landscape that we hardly noticed for most of our lives as we moved through our own worlds.  Now, a little older and wiser, the colors were more vibrant, the world was brighter and the energy was different.  This felt amazing.

Arriving at the Montage Beverly Hills, we rolled in and rolled out of the car like at most hotels…except this one brought with it a little more luxury and the knowledge that this was Beverly Hills.  From the moment we arrived, the level of service was set at a high level…not only were you the guest, but you were THEIR GUEST and at every twist and turn, you felt welcome and relaxed.  Like falling into a plush soft chair and settling in…we knew that this was going to be a pretty nice experience.  We’ll be writing a little more on the hotel, but let me offer a frame of reference.  We have loved nice hotels for a very long time…from Four Seasons to the Ritz to the Fairmont to small 5 star award winning resorts…but this time it felt like the bar had been raised.  This time, it felt like luxury was a little more luxurious.  Yes, it may have been the Oprah-factor but the truth is, it was really really nice.

So as we began the OYou 2012 and OWN Ambassador part of the journey, we realized that what we knew for sure was pretty simple…life is amazing.  Just remember to look up and be present and take it all in…and for this trip, we didn’t want to miss anything. (to be continued…)


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  1. OMG enjoy your little Princesses! They are such beautiful gifts. From God sent here to feel our hearts with joy and laughter through love. What special girls they are indeed! Enjoy the journey!

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