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The Power of the Emotional Flood

Catherine Duffy
Saving the best for last. In yesterday’s blog I didn’t write anything about Tony Robbins from the Oprah Life Class Finale because he ended the night so powerfully, I had to give myself space to breathe. To let his words resonate with me. Through me. To fully appreciate what he did for me. What he freed from deep down in my soul.
Tony took us through a process called, The Emotional Flood. I have to admit I was sceptical at first. He started us out with exercises to move our bodies to shift our energy into the space where we could truly listen to and feel the messages from deep within our beings.
My husband was looking over the top of his computer at me as if I was crazy. I smiled at him. Oblivious to his comments as I had my earphones in. Shutting out any distractions, I plugged into the Tony spell. Allowing me to free my spirit to connect with the Universe.
Then Tony told us to close our eyes and place our hands over our hearts. Lilting music came on. Sending tingles down my spine and throughout my body. He told us to feel our heart. Breathe deep into our hearts. To feel the power of our hearts. To feel grateful for our hearts. And I did. I felt a deep connection to my heart. A deep connection to my inner world and space. A deep connection to possibility. I was hooked from there.
He told us to step into a moment in our lives that we have deep feelings of gratitude for. I saw me marrying my husband, becoming a mother and feeling love spread throughout my mind, body and soul. A warmth flowing through me. Chills.
He told us to breathe it into our hearts and feel the moment. See, feel. Be there with it. He told us to reach out and bring in another memory on top of what was already in our hearts. A grief spread through my body like wildfire. Wrenching my souls as I stood as that 13 year old girl again devastated by the loss of my mother. As if it was happening at the moment. Tears rolled down my face. I took deep breaths to stifle the sobs that were threatening to escape.  My body shook. Emotions raw. Intense. But liberating. Cleansing.
He told us to go to a third moment. A coincidence. I thought of my husband again and the Florida sisters I met in the line for the Oprah Life class in NY. My Spiritual Mother. My mentor.
He asked us to take our hands off our hearts. To take a survey of our lives and choose moments we are grateful for rapidly. Moments we are proud of – becoming a mother. Making it through the death of my mother. Love. Writing. Opening. Expanding to the Universe. My heart swelling. Getting larger.
Of a sensual, sexual moment, I thought of my husband giving me a massage. Of him trying to be my Christian Grey ( a cross between the reformed one and the fifty shades one).  A delicious smile came onto my face.
Tony then asked us to think of a moment that made us laugh out loud – my daughter telling us a joke with a dead pan face. I almost laughed out loud thinking of it again.
Special moment with family or friends – my family bike riding together, exploring together. Feeling love pouring in.My heart expanding more.
To bring in a moment of pure excitement – when I got the news I was going to the Oprah Life Class in NY. My son making the honour roll.
He asked us to envision what we wanted in the future.  I saw my gift as clear as day but I will hold onto that treasure until I am ready to reveal it, not wanting to place expectations on myself or to hear the expectations of others. I have surrendered that vision to the Universe. Let it go so that it can come when the time is right.
I felt emotional, spent, shaken, but alive and full of gratitude and possibility after that Emotional Flood.  Knowing deep down inside we always know. We are always aware.
And then Ms. Oprah let TD Jakes take the floor ending the night by telling us “When we are appreciative we put ourselves in appreciative situations. Focus on the assets rather than the liabilities. Whatever we feed will grow.”
And Ms. Oprah herself ended her Life Class with, “Accept with an open heart whatever is going on in your life.”
And I do. And I will. And I am.
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