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The Difference is the Jump

writerThe difference between a writer and a blogger?  The jump. I’ve been a writer since forever.  Born with words in my blood.  I realized this as I pulled out an old dusty box full of heartbreaking teenage poetry and old college essays and short stories.  While the twists and turns have shaped my life and who I am today, the voice of my soul is still there, waiting for pen and paper…waiting for me to show up for the conversation…so we can speak and spill words out onto paper.  The writer is me is content with the spilling of ink ritual and the exhale that comes with it…it doesn’t have to be published or read…it just needs to be spilled out of my soul..but the blogger in me needs more…that part of me needs to jump. Once I heard a famous writer, actor and director that I simply love go down the road of “oh, I hate bloggers…” As soon as the words were spoken, my heart closed and it became a Charlie Brown moment when all I could hear was the  “mwa mwa mwa” even though I knew he was still speaking.  How could he hate bloggers?  I mean, we all have the longing to write…doesn’t he see the connection?  The sameness?  This desire to speak without speaking…to feel the flow of the favorite pen on the silken paper….and the exhale as the words escape out of your mind and into the world…? But then…I realized that there is a difference.  There is a small shift in the world between my writer self and my blogger self.  It’s the jump.  The movement to put my words – my soulful speaking moments – out into the world with one click of the “publish now” button.  The jump.  Showing the world who you are…living out loud…taking a leap with your crazy authentic self and hoping that whoever hears you totally understands that its not always easy putting yourself out there…and while you jump to become a blogger with every moment you share, you are forever and always will be born a writer. Where ever lies your passion…whatever speaks to your soul and your spirit…move towards it…and then, when you are ready, make that JUMP into your passion and towards living your best life…and embracing and empowering your authentic self.  Once you do, you will be jumping into more love and life and joy than you can possibly imagine.  *exhale* that felt good to say….

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