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The Broken Plate – Lifeclass Lessons

As I grew up, my mother used to tell us, “Don’t be the person who always takes the broken plate.”. I think that this was a lesson as much for her as it was for her daughters as we grew up together growing our self-esteem along the way. Over the years this saying meant many things…don’t put yourself last…don’t settle for a bad relationship….don’t forget to speak up for yourself…and literally, don’t take the broken plate.

So, as Iylana reminds us in Lifeclass to “be clear and ask for what you want” it takes me back to my mother’s lesson and realizing that asking for what you want isn’t always easy and sometimes those you are asking may not always understand that. Because for me, asking for what you want has often come under the blanket of “be happy for what you have or that could be taken away.” But through Lifeclass, I am trying to learn to speak up…ask for what I want…be fearless instead of disappointed…because asking for what you want doesn’t mean that you are not grateful for what you have. But this fearlessness… I’m not there yet. Maybe after tomorrow with Tony Robbins I will be a little closer to making fearless feel more familiar. Until then, my voice may be more of a shaky whisper…but I’m learning. Ask for what you want…you never know what that will bring into your life.

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