Living the Lessons

The Blessings of Easter

eastereggs2Love. Friendship. Light. Happiness. Appreciation for all around me.

For as long as I can remember, Easter has been a time when love and life have a special buzz about them.  My very first memories of Easter was putting on a new dress and wearing shoes that were fancy but hurt my feet.  Then, I remember hunting eggs and looking for the “star egg” that would earn me  25 cents, 50 cents…maybe even a silver dollar.  As I grew up and grew older, Easter grew with me.  This time, hiding eggs became a team sport and few rules applied to the game.  The best story was when a hard boiled egg was hidden so well, it wasn’t found for three months.  That was the year before the game started sporting the plastic eggs with endless opportunities.  Did I mention that I was well into my twenties when this evolution occurred?

One Good Friday, I spent the day with a priest who reminded me of the blessings of friendship.  It was only for an hour, but it came with lifelong lessons that have repeated and whispered to me each and every Good Friday since.  It’s been a time of being grateful for those around you…for those who are there to hold you up, to hold your hand, to hold you steady…these are the real treasures that are put into your life.

So as you go about your weekend…and you take the moments in around you and enjoy whatever traditions that you may have, our wish for you here at the Daily OWN is simple.  May blessings follow you always.

Happy Easter.

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