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The Art of True Hand Holding

When  we were young, we held hands to calm our fears.   We grabbed onto each other to ease our tears and sometimes, reached out for a guiding hand or a gentle nudge to move us forward into the world and even sometimes, holding hands showed up to hold us back from running too soon or told us when we were ready to fly.  We were told to “find your partner” and”hold hands when you cross the street.” Holding hands kept us safe and together and connected.

As we grew older, holding hands connected us even more.  It showed someone that you liked them…and then, that you loved them.  With love, fingers wound intertwine and the comfort and energy would connect our hearts just as our hands were together.  We held hands as an unspoken “I love you,” “I appreciate you,”…”I’m here for you.”  Touch connected lovers and their love together in the world, to say “I love you” out loud to the world and to the universe.  Holding hands made us feel loved and energized and happy.

Whenever I can, I reach over and hold hands with the people that I love.   I would like to think of myself as quite the handholding expert.  Handholding for me is as easy as a hug and just as important.  This one simple gesture tells the person without words…”I know you are here with me and I love you.”  This one simple action says quietly and speaks loudly…”You and I are connected and you are important to me.”  More importantly, this reminds our own heart that we are not alone and that love is right within our own reach…and literally, in our own hands.

There are moments out in the world when I see other handholding enthusiasts.  Someone holding hands and swinging them back and forth with a child or a older couple taking a walk hand in hand through a store and it makes me stop for a moment and see the love.  At that second, it’s clear that not only are we all connected, but that we need this connection.  Holding hands tells a story…the human story…that we love, we connect, we depend, we survive, and we thrive most in our lives when we do it together, walking hand in hand in hand.  Today, find someone you love and reach out and hold their hand.  When you do, let yourself take in just how lucky you are to have that hand to hold and let that one simple action remind you of how wonderful it is to be alive…and how loved and loving you are.

2 thoughts on “The Art of True Hand Holding

  1. Great article and so true. I remember holding my grandmother’s hand as a child and feeling safe and loved and I remember as an adult, holding that same hand so I could provide stability and support to her in her later years. I loved the role reversal. My 16 year old daughter has autism and needs comfort when out in public so she’ll often grasp my hand for security. I feel so lucky that a teenager unabashedly holds my hand in public. Little does she know what that simple act does for me. It re-enforces the bond that the two of us share. Simple gesture, big reward!

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