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Thank You to Our Veterans

Each Veteran’s Day I find myself in deep reflection over the bravery and the physical and emotional aftermath that our soldiers deal with on a daily basis. I searched OWN’s line-up in hopes that Our America with Lisa Ling‘s special on PTSD would run again today. Sadly it wasn’t there but I was able to pour back over my recap article…reminding myself of the importance of being aware and supportive of our troops.

For me, Veteran’s Day is always filled with thoughts of my uncle who has been severely emotionally damaged from war. I then think of all of the families that have been torn apart from the trauma and even those who can’t simply pick up the phone. Not every soldier comes back emotionally or physically compromised, but those who do deserve our compassion and help.

Today, of all days, take the time to thank the Veterans and those who have supported them in your life.  Let them know you appreciate their sacrifice and that you care.  It will matter to them…more that you know.

Thank you to all the Veteran’s who stand tall for all of us.  We see you and you matter.

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