Breaking Down the Bars : Rockville – “Beyond the Bars” w/ Dr. Stephanie Covington – March 30, 2011 Episode 7

For me, this week's episode of OWN's Breaking Down the Bars began with an “OH Tiffany!”. Before I could even settle in, Tiffany was being hauled off into maximum security lock down for allegedly refusing to go to work on her day off. Not even 2 minutes into the show. Scheduled to be released in about 3 days...what was she thinking? So should be all “yes, thank you's” at this point. Her case worker wondered if the thought of transitioning to the outside was freaking her out a bit. If she acts up, she may not be allowed to leave. Talking through the locked door, Tiffany expressed her Continue Reading

Breaking Down the Bars : Rockville – “If I Had A Daughter In Here” w/ Dr. Stephanie Covington – March 22, 2011 Episode 6

This week's episode of OWN's Breaking Down the Bars pulled down the bars of shame for several inmates.   Hope can be the catalyst for change and hopefully some of the girls got a little bit of  it this week.   The show started off with Hannah as her parents, Shawn and Sarah, arrived at the jail this week for some family counseling. Hopeful about answering their questions, Hannah realized she has no control over their reactions. As the session began, you could tell how tense they all were. How far was the session going to go? Mom wanted to know what made her turn towards drugs. As all mothers Continue Reading

Breaking Down the Bars : Rockville – “A Lot to Be Angry About” w/ Dr. Stephanie Covington – March 15, 2011 Episode 5

Breaking Down the Bars....literally this week on OWN. While a couple of inmates worked on crushing their own emotional demons, another stepped outside the unlocked gates. Lots of positive energy filled the episode as a few of the women found a way to breathe a little easier. This week's show opened the gates for Nicole as she was re-entered the outside world. As she pulled into town the first face she saw was the father of her children...and not on purpose. Memories of her son flooded back. She entered her new temporary home, the Wabash Valley Work Release program, and struggled with Continue Reading

Breaking Down the Bars : Rockville – “An Offender Mentality” w/ Dr. Stephanie Covington – March 9, 2011 Episode 4

Although Nicole started the show on a high note this episode, she landed flat. Yeah her! She was reassigned to a work release program after 3 long years behind the gates. She struggled with the fears of wondering how she will fit into society. Freedom can be scary when you haven't had it in a while. But oh Nicole...don't pack to soon. Nicole was caught in the shower with another woman. TOTALLY against the rules. Her case worker was concerned that Nicole received a conduct write-up 9 days before going home. After 2 years in jail without getting in trouble, Nicole found herself us against the Continue Reading