OWN TV Shows

Raising Whitley Coming to OWN

OWN is not your ordinary channel…and Raising Whitley looks like it’s not going to be just another reality show.  Comedian and new star of Raising Whitley, Kym Whitley, sat down with OWN Ambassador and A Spoonful of Paolo host, Paolo Presta, to talk about life and a little about her journey.  This will give you an insight… Read More Raising Whitley Coming to OWN

Living the Lessons

The Blessings of Easter

Love. Friendship. Light. Happiness. Appreciation for all around me. For as long as I can remember, Easter has been a time when love and life have a special buzz about them.  My very first memories of Easter was putting on a new dress and wearing shoes that were fancy but hurt my feet.  Then, I remember… Read More The Blessings of Easter