Living the Lessons

Get Quiet and Find the Magic

Sometimes it feels like we are trapped in a society of voices…sometimes very LOUD voices. We find ourselves struggling to have our opinions heard and to grasp the coveted final word. Afraid that we won’t matter or will be overlooked, having the last word has become an important and strategic move in arguments, discussions and… Read More Get Quiet and Find the Magic

Everyday Inspiration

Celebrating Love Everyday

Today is mom’s birthday. Today we are celebrating just like we celebrate every single moment we are with her…except today comes with fanfare, decorations and cake. Mom’s cancer has made life become focused quickly this year…and in a society that doesn’t quiet stop long enough to see what’s on the channel, this is a big… Read More Celebrating Love Everyday

Oprah's LifeClass


I have BAITERs.  I didn’t know they had a name until Dr. Phil told me.  I have known them, loved them, and encouraged them with my actions. I have supported them, ran to them in a moments notice and in retrospect, I may have even been one with my choice of words or in the midst of a… Read More I Have BAITERs

.OWN in General

Our OWN Don’t Miss List

It’s been awhile, but we are jumping back in and giving you our OWN don’t miss list.  When I was pouring a little coffee this morning…I realized there’s a few things that didn’t make the list…our wish for you is that you find something on here and jump into your own life and don’t miss… Read More Our OWN Don’t Miss List