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The Blessings of Easter

Love. Friendship. Light. Happiness. Appreciation for all around me. For as long as I can remember, Easter has been a time when love and life have a special buzz about them.  My very first memories of Easter was putting on a new dress and wearing shoes that were fancy but hurt my feet.  Then, I remember… Read More The Blessings of Easter

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Eric Handler and Positively Positive: The Pursuit of Happiness

“The more grateful we become, the more we experience grace in life.” – Eric Handler The OWN Ambassadors are positively thrilled to welcome Eric Handler as a featured consciousness leader as part of our 12 Days of Celebrating Consciousness.  Eric Handler is the founder of the luminous website Positively Positive, an online oasis of insight and… Read More Eric Handler and Positively Positive: The Pursuit of Happiness

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By Eric Handler This summer, I received an intense reminder of how quickly life can turn, change, and never be the same again. It happens in an instant, without any warning, and it has the potential to shift everything. My family and I were staying with close friends on a small Fiji island, so small… Read More Miracle