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Suze Orman’s “America’s Money Class” – Lesson 1: Money Secrets Revealed

My mother always told me that if I missed class I’d miss at least one thing that I could have learned in my life’s journey. Education is opportunity. Thanks to OWN, Suze is taking all of us to class and this is one class we don’t want to miss. Luckily we can attend without even putting on our shoes!

Starting tonight the “Money Make-Overs” begin on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Regardless of your financial state, every viewer will walk away with information that will empower them…opening the door to countless opportunities. PLUS one lucky classmate is set to win $50,000 at the end of the six-week session! Do I have your attention now?

In tonight’s first lesson, Suze incorporates an Action Plan to get us all thinking about our own money. In Lesson One: Money Secrets Revealed, Suze will cover topics ranging from FICO scores, buying a home, to our own personal debt. This is one show no one should miss! Be sure to TiVo it just in case you want to share your lessons with friends and family. As for the $50,000, you will have to tune in to get all the details!

“America’s Money Class” with Suze Orman premieres tonight at 9/8C and we’ll be tweeting LIVE using #MoneyClass. Be sure you are following @thedailyOWN and sign into class on See you tonight!

Until then….here are a few deleted scenes that didn’t make the show. Enjoy!

Deleted Scenes about Short Sales versus Foreclosure

Deleted Scenes about what you need to buy a home today

4 thoughts on “Suze Orman’s “America’s Money Class” – Lesson 1: Money Secrets Revealed

  1. Love Suze!, I had a stroke sept 2 2009. My left side is paralyzed. I have not worked since then.
    My husband has two types of cancer and is disabled also. I was making 200,000 per year before
    My stroke. Now we are trying to live on 7,000 a month. We are selling our home of 30 years and
    Have moved to a small one story home. We owe 200k onthis house and have15k in credit card
    Debt. I pray that we can sell the other home quickly. That way we can make it. We spend no money
    On any thing but bills and food. We need to win the 50k, but can’t locate the site to apply!
    Can you help? Thank you!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. You are a true champion. Suze’s “America’s Money Class” seems to be a really great show on helping seeing life not just through money but through everything in our life. The contest that is running with the show says that there is a “final exam” at the end of all of the courses. If you take it and score 80% or higher, you are in the raffle for the 50k. It’s that simple. I always wanted to be paid to go to school…like so many others, I am sure. So…watch on Monday nights and then, take the final exam on at the end of the course. I wish you luck! Whoever wins there life will be changed…but with watching this new show on OWN, I think we all can change our lives too. Wishing you the best!

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