Super Soul Sunday

Super Soul Sunday Unleashes The Untethered Soul

Last week, Super Soul Sunday took us on a new journey with Michael Singer and his book The Untethered Soul.  As Oprah talked chair to chair with Michael, something spoke to me loudly as I watched coffee in hand and just soaked in the lessons of the morning.  Michael talks about the beginning of his awakening and often on Sunday’s, I think that these programs are my doors opening to the soul and finding my way through the world.

Opening eyes, Michael talked about the voice in your head and what you choose to listen to and separate from. “They are thoughts, they are not you,” Michael tells us.  This is what I heard.  Separating yourself from your thoughts is essential to moving toward spirituality. If you continue to listen to the thoughts that tear you down, break you down and hold you down…you will be stuck.  Open yourself up to a powerful new life by choosing to listen to the thoughts that fill up your life.  This was a funny lesson, as I think to some of the people in my life who I often say have “selective hearing” but today, I’m thinking that this may not be a bad condition to have.  Think about how powerful it would be to just redirect yourself when a thought comes into your mind by saying – this is not me. I am not my thoughts.

Since the “spiritual journey is about constant transformation,” the story of the thorn spoke loudly.  Thorns are what have hurt your soul in your lives. This is the sadness that lives inside your soul from what has happened to you. Oprah explains that “it’s never what is happening; it’s what’s happening that is disturbing your thorn.” Your thorns are the wounds that are the underlying hurt. How do you get rid of your thorns?  Notice them and learn how to deal with the disturbance. Uncovering the thorn is the first step in removing the thorn. I guess noticing the things that hurt you allow you to acknowledge them and begin to heal.

As the hour wrapped up for Super Soul Sunday, this I knew for sure.  I absolutely had to get Michael’s book, The Untethered Soul and I absolutely knew…I had  already been changed.

If you missed it or don’t have the time for the full hour commitment, here are a few quick lessons to feed your soul.

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