Finance, OYou BootCamp 2011

A Slow but Profitable Start

Each OYou Boot Camp Challenge has seemed to bring a new obstacle as my sister and I jump head first into them each week. What I have come to realize is…that once again Oprah was right. Taking a moment earlier today, I thought back to all that O has taught me.

“I trust in the ebb and flow of the universe. I trust that life’s bigger than what I can see. I trust that there is a divine order beyond my control. And I trust that no matter what happens, I will be all right.”- Oprah

You see, life is a constant flow with calm waters at times that can easily stir without warning. The trick is to just go with it and stop fighting the current. Everything that is thrown at you doesn’t have to be CRAZYASS as Oprah would say. This pertains to everything in life. The surrender is the beauty. Now before I get a hundred emails, let me clarify. This doesn’t mean give up. It doesn’t mean back down from what you know is right. To me, it means that I need to trust myself and just go with it. “Let go, let God” I hear in my heart, “He’s got this.”

As I flow through my week with Suze Orman, I am doing just that! The week began with a deep breath and I am finally coming up for air. Now in fairness…it probably has to do more with me turning 32 again for the 9th time in 3 days. *sigh* But it is OK. “He’s got this!”

As for an update on OYou Boot Camp, we began this week with 3 projects:

Time for a budget! Learn to “stand in our truth” – take a painfully honest look at our personal finances as well as our hopes for the future. Find a way to make a plan and stick with it. Dreams are created, not imagined.
Respecting our money – how we treat the things that we spent our money on says a lot about the respect we have for ourselves and our money. No more clothes on the floor or dirty cars. Starting this week, we clean house in a new way.
Figure out a Plan A and a Plan B for how to get to the OYou Boot Camp and avoiding a self-inflicted Suze smack-down.

NOW, what I have been able to do is take my lunch EVERYDAY just like Oprah! I am saving money people and honestly the food is so much better. All of my clothes are off the floor (although I cheated on a couple of pants that are technically now on my chair) and I pulled all the garbage out of the car. No more half-read newspapers or magazines. Not a huge step but it felt great! The budget…still working on that but have learned my painful truth. Must admit it feels better to know the truth. Now I just need to figure out a plan. Still have a few days…I’m working on it. For the Oprah OYou Conference, I am getting a little nervous. Can’t imagine NOT being there, but I need to just surrender and move with the flow. I trust I will end up where I need to be. Right, Oprah?

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