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Searching For… Candice & Seth w/ Pam Slaton : Candice Stewart – Search For Her Biological Mother

Pam Slaton, the thoughtful and caring genealogist,  has her hands full with this premier episode of Searching For.   Pam’s first client, Candice Stewart is looking to put the pieces together in her OWN life.   She recently found out that she has a biological mother she had never known about.  Pam’s support and expertize will definitely be needed.

The first case opens in Texas with Candice Stewart who has a wonderful life, a great relationship with her family and a bright and exciting life and future.   She put the clues together when she realized her mother had a medical procedure before she was born…one that would have prevented Candice from being born.  When she questioned her sister, she was advised to keep the secret.  She couldn’t do it, so she went to search without them knowing in order to spare their feelings.   She gave her details to Pam and within a short period of time, she had found her biological mother, Tracey Harrick.   Pam pressured Candice to be open with her adoptive mother and explain her need to know Tracey.  It must be hard for a parent to feel as if their child may love them a little less because they had to share them.   Everyone knows that is just silly, however it is a real and perfectly normal for adoptive parents to feel that way.   Pam eased Candice’s nerves a bit as she noted that parents can love multiple children and children can love multiple parents too.

Apparently Tracey had signed a paper shortly after the adoption allowing for Candice to search for her.  She knew in time that God would bring them together.   Candice had been a part of her life without even knowing it.  Tracey told her husband on their first date and her children when they were young.  Everyone had been waiting for this moment. 

They met in Fort Worth at the location where she had been given up for adoption.  It was tearful and wonderful.  Immediately they looked for similarities.  Their eyes made it simple.  They felt connected.   The out-pouring of love from Tracey made Candice feel so loved.  It was truly wonderful to witness.   Candice brought a photo album to show herself over the years…once again bringing tears to Tracey’s eye.  She had always wondered what her daughter looked like. 

Tracey couldn’t help herself repeating “I’m so sorry” over and over again.  I could feel the sadness of the loss of the years she felt.  Candice comforted her and focused on the future ahead of them…as a mother and daughter. 

Since Candice met her biological mother, they have talked every day.   Candice has even had the opportunity to connect with her father,  grandparents and half-siblings.   In all….Candice found more than she ever could have imagined thanks to OWN, Pam Slaton and Searching For.

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