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Rosie Recap- LIVE Streaming with NeNe Leakes on “The Rosie Show”

Opening with a clip of Rosie with no makeup a fast update on a few changes, it was clear within moments that with a swish of her wand…Rosie came into her own. With something feeling a little off, Rosie decided it was time to make the set more “Rosie.” She even decided to unveil it during a LIVE streaming of her show. So not only were people running around like crazy trying to pull off the make-over, which I hope they got for “Rosie Reality”, the producers were trying to figure out how to live stream the entire show. CRAZY! As the time came and twitter was all a buzz, the excitement continued to grow and maintained its momentum until the end….with the crowd clamoring for more. It was awesome!

Once the Oprah set….now it was all RO. A colorful, crafty scene lined the stage which was now separated by a wall from only 72 audience seats. O loved the new more intimate feel, like a small club. However I am certain the day my sister and I finally make it to Chicago…I will hate that so many seats were lost. The set was great. The walls were covered in Ro originals and could pass for a Munny museum. “Google Pete” was now the announcer and Hollee was dressed to the nines as the new TRS commentator. Lots of changes…and I loved them all!

Rosie shared the funniest story about her invite to P. Diddy’s home on New Year’s Eve and the embarrassment she felt after standing at his door with her whole family only to find they weren’t on the list. As they headed home with her kids furious, Blake let into her. You see…once you post something like that on Facebook, it is hard to save face and mom gets all the blame. The next day P. Diddy tried to make it up to them by renting out a local theater for them to see any movie with snacks on him…a truly sweet gesture. So what does Parker say – “Oh yeah? Is Rihanna gonna sit next to me and share popcorn with me? Because if she isn’t, I don’t give a $#@”. Yeah, she’ll NEVER live that one down. Now the big family joke is that Rosie can’t get in anywhere. Too funny and hopefully a lesson learned…never post on Facebook until you make it inside the party!

Rosie then went on to address the hammerhead shark issue which is so overblown by others. Although the shark PSA was hilarious, the real fun began once NeNe Leakes arrived on set. She was at the P. Diddy party that Ro told us about. Apparently the bouncers did find find P.Diddy but Rosie took off too soon. Can’t blame her though. Sharing stories of how she met Rosie into how she got the gig on “Glee”…a show she had never seen. How could she not have known the show and the cast? Crazy! On her 5th season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” with no end in sight, she dished on her rocket to fame and even the affect it had on her marriage.

NeNe then went over the highlights of her stint on “Celebrity Apprentice”, her relationships with the other contestants and how she was the first to actually quit the show, something I am certain Rosie loved about her! My favorite part of the clip… “Hello cost me nothing.”

NeNe was great enough to stay around and join Rosie in a little Shark game. I think they are hoping all the Hammerhead attention will get people to chill. As someone who can’t fish because I hate watching fish get their mouths ripped open and thrown into the waters wounded, vulnerable and waiting to be eaten…I am over it. If this doesn’t work, book the crew from “Whale Wars” and all will be forgiven!

As for the LIVE streaming, brilliant idea, Rosie. All I ask is that we do at least once a month. I love that the world is getting to see what OWN viewers witness each week….a fantastic show!

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