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Rosie Recap- A Crafty Christmas with Casey Gorab & Majorie Johnson, the Blue Ribbon Baker on “The Rosie Show”

As Rosie took to the stage I just knew her wardrobe people were hanging their heads in the back. She took to the stage in a horrible Christmas sweater that looked like someone super-glued a teddy bear to the boob. Not pretty. Within moments she let us in on the “why” – it was her first “Ugly Christmas Sweater Pageant”. Clearly the sweaters were recent additions to the world making them truly one of a kind. You have to head over to and see them. Always ending the segment on a high, Rosie announced to the crowd that everyone was going home with the new book The Oprah Show: Reflections of an American Legacy. That is an AWESOME gift!

This show really highlighted that anyone can craft! You don’t have to be perfect to have fun being creative. The craftiness started with Rosie’s friend Bobby Pearce as they stenciled a mug while they belted out Grease’s “There Are Worst Things I Could Do”. As they admire their work, Ro informed the crowd they all were going home with her craft book, Crafty U: 100 Easy Projects the Whole Family Can Enjoy All Year Long

Realizing that her entire audience spent money on creating ugly sweaters, Rosie challenged Bobby to create a craft that would put them to use. He came up with a great idea! Rosie invited her next guest, Casey Gorab, who is starring in A Christmas Story. This is the young girl whom Rosie encouraged to follow her dreams when they met years ago at a Broadway show. Now she is living her dream! As a special treat for the audience, Casey sang “Somewhere Hovering over Indiana” from A Christmas Story: The Musical She is absolutely adorable! Before the performance, she gave everyone in the audience 2 tickets to the show on Christmas Eve. I just love holiday musicals. For years my family would see The Nutcrackera few weeks before Christmas…for some reason we stopped. I may have to work on that for next year. Some traditions should never die.

Marjorie Johnson, the Blue Ribbon Baker, was our next treat of the day bringing along yummy recipes to tempt us all. She even has a book out, Blue Ribbon Baking, which can be found on her website and in major book stores. It is full of lots of prize winning recipes. I’m not sure I can resist making the coffee cake. Here are a few from OWN.
Sour Cream Streusel Coffee Cake
Orange Sugar Christmas Trees Recipe

At the end of the segment, Rosie surprised Marjorie and her husband with a 7-day Carribean cruise on the Norwegian Pearl. I couldn’t help but smile….I just love Rosie. The fun wasn’t over yet – we still had a game to play. ♫ ♪ Oh Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find. Catch me a catch. ♫ ♪ Sorry I couldn’t resist. Of course Rosie couldn’t play just any game for the holiday. Enjoy!

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