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My mother has these little sayings that she throws out into the world – like savory spices to add a little flavor to life.  One of my favorites is “you can’t live your life looking in the rear view mirror or you’ll miss the rest of the journey.”  I try my best to live with this in mind and stay planted in the present…see the journey for what it is.  But just as much as I am tied to these little sayings, I am equally tied to my rituals and at the end of the year, reflection is part of the passage.

Here is what I see clearly from the last year…and the lessons that came along with the moments.

  1. Friendships come from all directions – Open your eyes to friendships.  Often they are the prizes and gifts from the Universe that you unwrap each day.  From social media connections to brief moments together to treasured memories for a lifetime, this past year has brought amazing energy and people into our lives here at the Daily OWN.  From Oprah, to OWN Ambassadors, to the neighbor across the street…my eyes have been opened to the grace and love that surrounds me daily.  You simply have to open your eyes and open your heart.
  2. Gratitude will lift you higher than any mountain – Throughout the year, I’ve practiced gratitude openly.  Saying “thank you” often and trying to stay grounded in all the things I am grateful for.  My army of blessings stands strong if any struggles come into view.  This is a journey.  As DeVon Frankiln reminds us, “this is your movie…you get one take…”  This has guided me this year…gratitude always trumps troubles…and lifts your life.  Remember this and you can get through anything.
  3. Faith is the fuel of life – While you may feel down, defeated or discouraged, the size of your faith is directly proportional to the strength of your spirit.  No matter what happens or what life brings you, always have faith.
  4. Your worth is only determined by your attitude – I am worthy. And this is not because others hold my worth in their hands but it is because I am here….and I hold my worth in my heart. 
  5. God has great plans for me…and for you.  Believe this with each step you take… 
  6. Sunshine doesn’t require the sun…sometimes it comes from a friend or an animal or a song or a special moment.
  7. Everyone is the same.  We are all on a journey…and may just be walking a different road.  The key is to take yours with the best attitude and with love in your heart. 
  8. Expect amazing moments.  They happen all over the world all of the time.  Why shouldn’t they happen to you too? 
  9. You’ll never regret dancing more, laughing more, smiling more, loving more.  Open your heart wider and take a chance. Don’t stop yourself from running because you may fall or because others tell you to slow down. Even if you fall, you can still get back up and run. 
  10. Love fearlessly.  When you throw love out into the world, it will come back to you in waves.

Reflections bring lessons but move forward fearlessly.  Wake up and live your dreams today.   Here’s to all the new reflections to come into your life and all of the amazing lessons that lie ahead.   Happy New Year!

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