2 thoughts on “Quick Promo Video for Oprah’s Lifeclass

  1. Hello,

    I was thrilled!! I clicked on Ophra’s LifeClass promo video and guess what? I am not allowed to watch it because I am in Colombia!!! It is a real shame!! I suppose there are not thousands of viewers here because these videos are in English but WE REALLY NEED THEM!


    1. Hi Martha, I’m not sure why people can’t see the video in other countries. I know it seems to be an OWN thing and as viewers ourselves, we hear from a lot of people worldwide that they would be an audience if they could only SEE it. My sister and I (along with every other woman in our family and lives) will be attending the LifeClass and taking really good notes and sharing them here on The Daily OWN. We hope that at least this way, viewers from all around the world will be able to get some of the lessons. I know it’s not the same…but we are trying to help. I say go to Oprah.com and ask them when and if you will be able to see and participate in the class. Maybe they will live stream the class and it will enable others around the world to participate too. Good luck! AND just tell everyone about us here at http://www.theDailyOWN.com and we will get you the notes from class!

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