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Wrapping up Finances with Suze & Prepping for Dr. OZ

As the week comes to close for OYou Boot Camp week 5 with Suze Orman, we are feeling more empowered. The fears and anxiety associated is mostly due to the stress of not standing in your financial truth. Once you know, you take a deep breath and make a plan. Sure there will be obstacles, but with realistic goals ANYTHING is possible.

There were 3 challenges for us this week and honestly we only partially completed 2. We know…and we feel horrible about it. BUT we realized this wasn’t something that we try to paste together quickly. It deserved to be well thought out. So we did a lot of work on the budget, found a way to show respect for the items we choose to spend our hard earned money one and learned to stand tall in our truth! It wasn’t pretty, but it was honest and real. We are still working on a short and long-term plan for our future.

The one area that we weren’t able to make a lot of progress on was the backup plan for the O You Conference. Determined to go but hearing Suzie’s decline in our heads, we know we either need to pray more or get creative. (if you want to help out, please consider checking out our campaign). Although we believe in the power of prayer, we know that we need to come up with some back-up plan. Wish us luck!

NOW we are moving into Dr. Mehmet Oz and my mother will LOVE this week. She secretly has a crush on him and who can blame her? Personally, my “big brain” crush is Anderson Cooper- yeah, I know but I don’t care. Smart guys are SO sexy. The only hard part is deciding how to narrow down the challenges to only three, but here we go!

  • Find Dr. Oz’s tips for aging gracefully – Since tomorrow is my 40th birthday, it is the perfect time to look into these tips.  I will be sharing all the great advice with you as I learn.
  • Workout with Dr. Oz every morning and night – We’ll be posting an article that includes the short, do-able workouts early on Monday morning so we all can get off to a great start for week 6 of OYou Boot Camp.
  • Find healthier ways to deal with stress – we are certain that Dr. Oz will have something that will work for us!

For your own OYou mini-Boot Camp challenge, try this:

  • Take a walk during your lunch break or after work.  Not only will it relieve stress, but you will be taking a step towards changing your life.
  • Put away your large dinner plates and serve your meals on a salad place.  By doing this your mind feels full and you are able to control your portion sizes.

NOW, do tell…who is your “big brain” crush?

1 thought on “Wrapping up Finances with Suze & Prepping for Dr. OZ

  1. My finances r a mess. My life is a mess. My family is a falling apart MESS! My son, Robert,was diagnosed w/a blood cancer 3 years ago. We hv insurance. I thank G-D for it. It helps. But, there r so many expenses that r not covered. So, financially, we were not prepared. I, as a parent, was totally blindsided by the diagonosis. I knew my child was sic, but cancer never entered my mind. Bobby & I spent his first year living in Children’s Hospital. I felt as if I were drifting thru a bad dream.He developed life threatening deseases from the Chemo. We r still in the midst of the battle. My husband & two other children r effected in more ways I could ever hv imagined. We r to live in the moment. Not look to the future. Yet, somehow I wish I were a little better prepared. As I reflect, past experiences hv prepared me to not only deal w/our current situation, but to understand, our lives r changed forever. STOP trying to fight it. STOP wishing our lives had never been touched by cancer. I would love to learn how to better deal w/the constant sorrow & worry we as a family experience. Boot Camp helps .looking forward to hear frm Dr.Oz.

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