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Finding Your Authentic Self

With only a breathful of days in front of us until we attend OYou 2012 and spend a few days in LA living our best life, we find ourselves at the doorstep of our authenticity week of our OYou boot camp.  Inspired by Gayle King, who seems to embrace, live and breathe exactly who she is at all times, we are focusing this week on our internal world and finding our authentic self.  While it seems that much of our OYou boot camp journey has eventually brought us to the center of our self, this week we are starting there and embracing who we are and what kind of people we want to be in this world.

It’s time to be the kind of person that everybody wants in their lives.  Here is how we are focusing on it this week.

  • No judgement. Just Listen – Stop and be a good friend. Instead of giving advice on what to do, really listen when someone needs you.  Be that person for them – their safe place with no judgement.  This won’t always be easy…but just make the effort.
  • Be the JOY in the day! – Have fun & laugh! Gayle is always laughing and singing and smiling and enjoying life.  Add some balance to your life and don’t just find the joy, BE the joy!  This week, shine from the inside out.  It’s time to have some fun and laugh….
  • Accept Yourself as Good Enough – This week, it’s time to stop being your biggest critic and start seeing how amazing you are.  This week, put into practice who you want to be in the world and put it into play in your own life.  Accept yourself…everything about you.  Quiet the self-judgement and negative voices and remind yourself…you are not only worthy, you are deserving.  See yourself through loving eyes…

We hope you follow our journey and are inspired enough to join us.  Welcome to week nine of our OYou 2012 Boot Camp Challenge. Being proud of who you are and the best person that you can be doesn’t always come easily to all of us.  Here is what I know…do your best.  That is what a best friend like Gayle would tell you…just do your best and it will all be okay.  Take the time to pay attention to your life and who you are in the world. This week we are focusing on YOU…because being your authentic self is how you move towards living your best life.

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