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Design on a Budget – Let the Fun Begin!

As we get ready for the O You conference just around the corner, this week are diving into our Design on a Budget week and ready to roll up our sleeves…but truth be told, we are already a little nervous about it.  While we are really good at visualizing and arranging, adding color and design can sometimes seem a little more difficult.  To be a designer, you must have a sense of fearlessness to jump into the room and go for it.  So, we are facing our fears and not just challenging ourselves to channel our inner designer, but to also do it on a budget.  This is about the moment that we begin to ask, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

But this we know for sure…to change your life, you have to make changes in your life.  This can start anywhere.  This week the opportunity to change our lives resides in making the life around us a little more beautiful. With any good challenge in life, it’s normal to be a little scared…hesitant to jump into the water…and maybe even ready to stop before you even start…but this week, we are pushing through that fear and making it happen.  This boot camp is about changing our lives …and this week, it’s about changing the space around us.  Ready or not world…scared or not world…we are channeling our inner designer and jumping.  Get ready…because here we go!

Here are our 3 challenges for this week:

  • Transform a space on a budget
  • Add color into our lives
  • Making something old that no longer fits your style…into something new and something you love.

We hope you follow our journey and are inspired enough to join us.  Welcome to week six of our OYou 2012 Boot Camp Challenge. Take the time to pay attention to your life…take care of your mind, body and spirit and it will take care of you.  This week we are focusing on the world surrounding us and the design that touches our lives…because everyone deserves to live your best life in your best space.


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