Organically Oprah, Organically OWN

All the Oprah buzz this week is that Oprah’s added organic farming to her list of things to do!  News broke on and Huffington Post and everywhere else that – hold the IPhones – Oprah’s getting into the organic food and product business and the US Patent and Trademark Organization’s offices have the paperwork to prove it.  So, while all this news is going on about another business adventure that I think sounds absolutely AMAZING and JOYOUS for Oprah…I realize that even more than thinking about what Oprah’s organic products or packaging might look like, I’m just a little more interested in OWN going a little organic.  Get ready all of you who are in need of a new pitch idea…Don’t worry.  I’m posting it online…so while my brilliance is bright, please take this light and run with it.  I’m not a producer. I’m a viewer. Have been my whole life…and I know good TV.

While “Oprah’s Organics” and “Oprah’s Farm LLC” are on the horizon for Oprah, I think it would be amazing to have a program on OWN about organic farmers…city farmers…crop sharing…and the trends that the country and the world are seeing that most of us only slightly know about it.  There is an amazing community that I drop in on as I find a local farmer’s market or happen on a nearby organic food stand…it’s like a new discovery.  It’s fun to enjoy the outdoors, shop the tables for fresh veggies or talking to those who are impassioned about their food and sharing a taste or two or learning about the co-ops that are organically growing around the country or the city farmers who are springing up in our metropolitan spaces or small businesses making organic clothing and products.  It’s interesting.  It’s fun.  And for many of us, it’s a whole different world that’s happening…well, all over the world. 

My mother, who grew up on a ranch many many moons ago, simply smiles when I tell her that I dream of someday having a little bit more backyard, with a couple of chickens for fresh eggs and a wonderful organic garden…or maybe someday collecting old fabric from vintage flour sacks on eBay and making the aprons that she talks about from her grandmother and aunts.  My mother knows the hard work that goes into working the soil and growing your vision…but she smiles and supports my dream of someday because she knows that as we industrialize as a society, there are things that we have forgotten…the simple things like an amazing summer day and sharing a fresh tomato or juicy watermelon with friends and family.  There is something special about going back to basics and so many people are doing it.  Someday…I hope OWN takes us there.  Not just to Oprah’s organic farm but to just regular people all over the world.  This would be a show I would watch.  I’ve placed my organic order and planted the seeds…now, I just need a little time and hopefully…OWN will grow something for their viewers that let’s us travel into this world and that introduces us amazing energy and joyful trends and life that exist all in communites all over the world.  Oprah, what do you think?  We’re ready when you are.

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