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Oprah’s Next Chapter – Cory Booker: A Vision Driven Life

If you love The Oprah Show but haven’t tuned into OWN yet, you are totally missing out!  Whereas her old show was the gold standard, Oprah’s Next Chapter has become the platinum level of a balance between entertainment and enlightenment.  It would be difficult to watch and walk away unchanged.  Mayor Cory Booker’s interview reminded viewers that there is no disputing that Oprah is still the best at taking us on an in-depth journey into the lives of some of the most fascinating people. 

Her interview with the Mayor was incredible! Some knew Mayor Cory Booker well, others knew of him and some had no clue about the man who OWN spent an hour introducing us to. Although the topics occasionally centered around politics, we learned so much more about the Mayor. He shared personal stories of running into a burning building to save his neighbor, buying a home to share with his parents, the pressure of being single and even joked about his emotional eating.  He was humble and honest about life.  Instantly likeable.  In a political environment of soapbox speakers, Cory Booker appears to be the real deal…a true doer. 

Where President Obama brought us a new connection with politicians which ignited the world, Mayor Cory Booker showed us a NEW level of expectations for politicians which we hope will change the world.  In the interview, Oprah showed us a man who was not just a politician.  He was personable, honorable and truly authentic.  Let’s hope that his behavior will influence those to come sprouting a new generation of political thinkers with a social conscience.

Enjoy a few of clips from Oprah’s Next Chapter on OWN.

Is Cory Booker staying in Newark?

Talking about his future in politics.

A refreshing change to politics.


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  1. I AM beyond inspired! When will Mayor Booker’s interview be rerun? Or is there somewhere on the Oprah site to watch it in entirety? Can a transcript be purchased?
    Thank you!

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