Oprah's Next Chapter

Oprah’s Next Chapter Changing the Way We See Our Communities

Each week OWN takes us out of our little worlds and remind us that the world is huge.  Oprah’s Next Chapter didn’t have to go far to bring us a unique and inspiring look at life…in fact they only had to go as far as Iowa.   This town , which  many people have driven right by,  may hold the key to the future of communities.

In this quiet town extraordinary things are happening.   In fact, the overall concept may change the way we think about our neighborhoods.  Although at first glance the small town of Fairfield brings about concerns of cult behavior, Oprah’s Next Chapter gives us a deeper look into one of America’s most unique town.  The town isn’t built on religious beliefs…it is based around the simple concept of meditation.   Transcendental Meditation isn’t a new concept but it seems to be an incredible secret.  TM doesn’t require the dedication to one particular God, but it does require some dedication.

Twice a day all the 9,000 residents pause to meditate for 20 minutes…some taking up to 2 hours.  That’s it.  Sounds simple and you have to wonder if the show was holding back something else. Could it be that a whole community comes together in order to find balance and peace in their lives?  Well, they do and we all should take notice.   What was truly interesting was how it seemed to impact the lives and the education of the children.   They appeared focused and handling stress better than many adults.  An incredible skill to learn so young…changing their lives.

Then there were the pandits who came together with the incredible feeling of responsibility to bring peace to the world.  Believing in the power of numbers and the collective energy, these men who come from generations of chanters work to do their best to change the world.  It was amazing to watch as they dedicated time, love and energy to us all…regardless of our indifferences.  Because in truth we all are ONE.

The journey to Fairfield was truly amazing and not surprising.  Oprah seems to find the bright lights and amplify them up for the world to see.  This particular episode was not only inspiring, but a bit foretelling of our future.  Imagine deciding on where to buy or rent a home based on their support groups.  Want to get healthy? Find neighborhood where the whole community works out together for an hour twice a day. talk about life changing!  Or a community that is drug and alcohol free.  What a tremendous support group.  I personally love the idea of basing a community around a positive idea…breaking down so many of the negative barriers already in place.  Give it time…these neighborhoods will be popping jump everywhere!

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