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Oprah’s Lifeclass – What’s Next?

For the dedicated or even the drop-in Lifeclass students around the world, Oprah’s Lifeclass series on OWN has been an awakening of what great television programming can offer.  Simply, it can change your life.  So, as we let the amazing lessons soak in to our own lives and root themselves deep into our foundation’s soil, we are thinking about the next seeds that Oprah’s Lifeclass will bring and what new things will grow along the way.   Here are some of our suggestions about that we would like to see on the syllabus for Oprah’s next Lifeclass schedule and what kind of lessons we would like to help move out into the world and grow! We are ready for class…are you ready for these topics?

  1. Stop the Critical Thinking – Letting go of judgment of yourself and others
  2. Your Personal Best – “The Four Agreements” lessons
  3. Be the Change – One person can change the world. A simple act can change so much….just like Oprah’s “Thank You Game” or the Pay It Forward movement started by Charley Johnson.   People forget that YOU can be the change…you can be the “Jewish waiter” like in Sidney Poitier’s Masterclass.
  4. The Importance of the Lesson: Get out of the way of other people’s lessons. Sometimes, we jump in front of the lesson to save other people the pain…but if you keep getting in the way, they will never learn the lesson and you are just prolonging the pain. Let them learn.
  5. Shine ON! Being the light in the darkness and protecting your light and good energy when you are in a dark place is sometimes hard to do…but always important.
  6. A Lesson in Self-Image: Redefining You.  It matters what you think more than you think.
  7. The importance of laughter and joy in the world.  The simple things you can do to change your life by simply finding happiness around you.  And when you change your life, chances are you are changing other people’s lives too! It’s like a happiness wave!
  8. Listening 101: Really hearing someone.  Do you hear us Oprah?  People talk over each other and often form their rebuttal before the other person’s words have been spoken. It’s time we start listening again and paying attention to the words.
  9. Raising the Bar – Keep striving to be your best and reach beyond your dreams! We hear so many lessons of dream big and reach high. We think it’s time to challenge the world to keep raising the bar! Think big.  Then, think bigger.
  10. Living Fearless – We need more Tony Robbins lessons! Just say it…we know you want to!  Yes! Yes! Yes!

While the list of classroom topics that we have is endless, these are the ones that we thought could take students to the next level.  No matter what the subjects that Oprah and her OWN team choose for the next lessons, we will be there with the rest of the world…taking the lessons and planting them in our own lives so that they may take root and grow strong in the world.

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