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On the Gayle King Show – Keeping it real with Robin Roberts, Dan Savage & Professor Swizz Beatz…

Gayle starts off the morning with some sad, breaking news.  Elizabeth Taylor has died this morning from heart failure at the age of 79.  Gayle talks about her first thought when she thinks of Elizabeth – National Velvet.  How I loved that movie.  In the statement from Elizabeth’s son, Michael Wilding, he talks of his mother being “an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest.”  Isn’t this the way we should all live?  Oh, we will miss you Mrs. Taylor…

About Lawrence Taylor – NFL’s Lawerence Taylor was given 6 years probation after pleading guilty for sexually assault.  WHAT?  The victim, a 16 year old girl, spoke out at the courthouse, tearfully saying “I am the victim and I am hurting…and I don’t think the sentence was fair.”  Since he pleaded guilty…she wasn’t’ allowed to say anything. And Gayle tells us Lawrence’s day went from bad to worse when he went over to FOX and said, “I have used the services before…I guess it’s one of those crimes that you never think about…everybody does it….until you get busted for it.  It’s more embarrassing more than anything else.”  What a jerk.  No, not everyone goes a prostitute.  Not every man is like you….thank God.

About Libya – The President is making it clear that this is a humanitarian mission.  Gadhafi released a crazy statement, yelling and saying that they will “not give up the fight.”  But did you see the reports of the pilots rescued yesterday?  The Libyan’s were thanking them….yes, I said THANKING them for their help.  Just a little food for thought…

About Chris Brown behaving badly – Chris’ interview with Robin Roberts didn’t go well for Chris.  Robin asks him about where we are now…how have these events affected him…“it’s really not a big deal to me now.”  After he left the studio, he grew angry…a cooler was thrown, a window was broken, and Chris left the building with no shirt…not all publicity is good publicity.  Talented or not…dumb kid. Robin Roberts says, “I didn’t think the interview went well…but we had no idea that he was that upset.  We gave him an outline of the questions like we do all of our guests…not the questions but what we might talk about.” She continues with “he acted like he didn’t know that I was going to go there…”  Gayle talks about his attitude being so dismissive about the Rhianna question…  Robin Roberts says, “I feel for the guy….he worked really hard” to come back from all of this.  “We didn’t realize it was a problem until after the show…and then, we found out what happened and how he left the building…”  GMA intended to not tell people about this…but TMZ had other thoughts on this.  Plus, Chris didn’t help leaving half naked with an attitude.  “Maybe he still has some work to do…with major anger issues…” Gayle notes.  I think she’s right. 

About Dan Savage, the Hero – Dan Savage created a It Gets Better YouTube video….spreading the message that it really does get better.  The Its Get Better Project is all about helping people get through things.  Bullying, depression, life…it gets better.  “Overcoming bullying and creating a life worth living,” is the tagline. Assault…kids that bully other kids should be arrested.  If they get physical, what is the difference whether they beat up an older woman or a 14 year old?  Dan talks about homophobia and kids being assaulted….or girls being sexually assaulted because the boys are proving that they are not gay.  This is CRAZY America!  What have we done to our youth to create this kind of social problem? 

Gayle says, “I have no tolerance for people that are intolerant to the gay community.”  President Obama also created an “It gets better” video message… “We were really heartened by his video,” Dan says.  “For the President of the United States now to jump in and to participate in a project to help save the lives of LGBT youth in my experience that is so remarkable.” Jason, a caller from Kentucky, tells a story of yes…it gets better.  “Life isn’t all like high school,” Dan reminds us all.  We need more people like this…trying to make a difference…and doing it.  Bravo Dan!

About Rapper/Professor Swizz Beatz – Grammy award winning producer….Swizz Beatz knows when something is good if he gets “instant chills and goosebumps…if I get them, I know it’s going to be good.”  Swizz is a Professor in Residence at NYU…but has always had music in his soul.  From the South Bronx…to Jay Z and Lenny Kravitz and Bono…he’s had a journey.  As a surprise, Gayle skypes in Lenny Kravitz from the Bahamas where he’s finishing up his album to give us his take on Swizz and how he is as a person and as an artist. “My whole connection with Swizz is very personal…his bride is like a sister to me…”  So, she arranged a meeting in New Orleans….”and after 5 minutes, I knew who this guy was…I thought, I really dig you as a human being….next thing you know, we were writing a song.”  “He brings something different…a different element…and the hype,” Lenny tells us. 

So what does Professor Swizz Beatz teach?  Music.  Different elements of the music that people can’t learn from a book…real life…broadcasting and marketing is what’s on today’s agenda.  Daniel Bazan joined via webcam and says, “What am I not getting out of his class?  I’m so excited about everything…” A new program for NYU…I love it! 

Gayle finished out the show with a cute baby video…and a shout out to her dinner guests…and thinking that she paid the bill when she didn’t…  Oh Gayle, but did you remember to take home the leftovers?  Get some rest…because we can’t wait to see what’s going on tomorrow…on the Gayle King Show! GKS yall….

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