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On the Gayle King Show – Brian Williams’ Rocks, Author Sarah Wendell Romances and Tracee Ellis Ross Shines

It’s like a friend who has been gone for months…Gayle is finally back and trying to catch us up!  And just how did she spend her summer vacation? We’ll, she’s just back from South Africa…so, maybe there was both some work and play.  What is more important is that she is back…because I have felt disconnected and out of the loop…and there is nobody better than Gayle to get me back in the know!

    • About NBC’s Brian Williams – Talking about Brian’s new NBC show, “Rock Center” (starting on Monday, October 31st – set your DVR’s people) Brian and Gayle just melt into real conversation.  I still remember them talking about the first time they met…at the vet’s office.  I LOVE them together.  It’s so real…and it makes me love Brian even more.  Not just another news guy…but a real guy.  Thank you Gayle for making me have another news crush.  You bring out the best of em!  Brian Will.I.Am.  Love ’em.

From OWN: Brian Williams premiering on Halloween Night, 10pm LIVE!

    • About Brian and the News – Catching us up on the top stories, Brian and Gayle talk news.  Gayle has been cut off with her summer travels and reading the CNN crawl.  I’ve been cut off from news since Gayle went on her summer travels and reading the CNN crawl.  The big news, NJ Governor Chris Christie not running for President.  Exciting news for the week…and now, who’s next?  I feel a little sorry for the other candidates out there…it’s just too early and they’ve already been forgotten about.  Next….

    • About Steve Jobs Death – Coming for Cupertino, California…Steve Jobs gave my high school their first computer lab.  Direct from Apple headquarters right up the road that looked surprisingly like it should be Taco Bell headquarters.  He changed the world…and so many lives.
    • About Sarah Wendell and Romance – Author Sarah Wendell is talking with Gayle about her new book, “Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels” and about all of the wisdom that is out there for the taking.    “It’s all about the courtship,” Sarah reminds us about the novels.   She’s right…this is how we fell in love…and learned to fall in love.  Top two things from Sarah’s book that she learned…happy endings take work and you must be the heroine of your own life.  Wow…GREAT advice.  Love it!  Move over therapy…I just need a great romance novel!

From OWN: Sarah Wendell: You Can Learn a Lot From Romance Novels

  • About Tracee Ellis Ross – Back on TV in “Reed Between the Lines,” Tracee and co-star Malcolm Jamal Warner are lighting up TV in this show.  You can find it on BET, a show about a family…finally, good TV is coming back.  Can’t wait to take a look!

Oh…it feels so good to have Gayle back with us!  Life has not been the same…but somehow today…it all feels right…and somehow I know, it’s just going to be a great day!  Gayle, welcome back.  You have been missed!

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