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O You Are Beautiful

Feeling rather blah this week from allergies and a few sleepless nights, Val Monroe couldn’t have come at a better time for OYou Boot Camp.  Dragging ourselves into week 8 of our challenge, we are ready for her to help us feel a little more “OYou beautiful.”  Life can get crazy and it isn’t hard to suddenly realize that you have neglected the things that make you feel good.  Every once in a while we all need to spoil ourselves.   With Suze Orman still in mind, this week we are going to find inexpensive ways to give ourselves some attention and a little much needed pampering.

Here are our 3 challenges for week 8:

  • Shortcuts to Beauty- This week are going to find things that help us feel good on the outside as well as the inside…on a budget.
  • Healthy hair – Lately we have looked at it in the mirror and simply given up.  No more!  This week we will learn what it takes to get it to a healthier place.
  • Loving your body- Most women struggle with learning to love what they have.  This week we are looking for wisdom and advice that helps us to do just that.

If you are feeling inspired, but only have time for a mini-Boot Camp challenge:

  • Set aside one night this weekend (or at least a few hours) and set up a little spa for yourself.  Pull out your favorite nail polish, facial masques, foot scrubs, etc.  If you are up for it, invite a few friends over and have them bring their favorite beauty indulgences.
  • Find 5 minutes for the next seven days and spend it telling yourself what you like or love about yourself.

By the end of this week, we will all be reminded of just how beautiful we truly are!

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