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My OYou Reality Check…I Surrender

While my OYou dreams may be big, my common sense has always been really good too and life around me is telling me that I am probably not going to the OYou Atlanta conference.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  If one of the sponsors that we have contacted comes through in any way, if we get a fairy God-donor for our Indie Go-Go wishful thinking program, or if we win one of the coveted spots on Oprah’s “meet me” sweepstakes, we are there and first in line and my panic for what to say and wear is back.  But…ever since our OYou Boot Camp Suze Orman week, reality tells me that my personal OYou Boot Camp Challenge may be as close as I may get to Oprah’s experts and this just might be my 2011 experience.  So, it’s with a lump in my throat that I move forward and work to make this personal challenge the best that I can…because it’s for me….and for you, our readers…to inspire you to live your OWN best life. 

If it’s not in our path to bring you all of the teachings of Atlanta to help inspire you and the world, then we’ll just have to work a little harder to bring you Oprah-isms and our OWN inspiration.  If one note sings to your heart and changes your world…then, the ripple has started.  To all of our OYou sisters and brothers out there…it’s a journey that we are all taking.  Live your best life each and every day…because you can…and  because you deserve it!  Onto this week!

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