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‘My OWN Time’ tries to connect OWN viewers

Oprah & the OWN Network are doing their best to let us viewers know we are being heard. First with the weekly twitter parties (#OprahLiveTweet on Sunday nights in case you are missing out) and now with ‘My OWN Time’…a show within a show. At first this concept seemed a bit complicated, but really it’s fairly simple.

On ‘My OWN Time’, experts from all areas of the home come together to offer tips and tricks to keep your house running smoothly, including cooking, home improvement projects, gardening, pet care, getting organized…all things that may help you to live a better life. Some of these ideas will be coming directly from the viewers!

Oprah is asking viewers (yes, all of us) to go onto the OWN website and submit a video sharing our “best ideas on how to live a little better, a little sweeter, with more ease, less clutter, more joy, less stuff.” The concept is to create a community in which we share ideas and help each other out. These ideas and tips will run like commercials during encore episodes of original OWN shows.

The show will be hosted by Kristen Eykel who has had a full career as a model, actress, environmental advocate, wellness consultant, volunteer, world traveler…a little bit of everything and a perfect fit for this show.

‘My OWN Time’ is a wonderful opportunity for us to feel closer to Oprah, OWN and eachother. Now, let’s start sharing our home and family bag of tricks!

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