Living the Lessons

Morning Has Broken

Catherine Duffy

“Morning has broken. Like the first morning. Blackbird has spoken. Like the first bird. Praise for the singing. Praise for the morning. Praise for them springing fresh from the world.”

Those were the words that came to mind this morning when I woke up. Feeling the innocence of my youth flowing through me. When I used to sing that song in assembly feeling like the world was my own. When I believed in my dreams. When I thought my possibilities were endless.

And then I opened the blinds to see a perfect day breaking. I woke this morning with the mindset of setting a good intention for the day, for the week. To start this week off with purpose and positivity. And when I opened the window I was greeted by nature at its best.

Different hues of orange and red as the clouds floated across the sky against the backdrop of the rising sun. A gentle breeze wafting through my slightly opened windows. A stillness that’s almost indescribable. Silhouettes of the trees and leaves against the dawn sky.

And I felt the force of life and abundance flow through me. Accepting there are some things we are not meant to understand. Accepting I am limited in my human beliefs. But surrounded by the infinite of the Universe I exist within.

Grateful that I am here living and breathing for another day. Grateful that I really do have all I need to be here.

Watching a little kiskadee sitting on the chair directly outside my window. Wondering what the tapping noise of my keyboard is. His head angling toward me with every tap. Listening to the sound of the rooster shouting his morning sound. Understanding there is so much in the world. So much to go around.

Feeling so confident and secure in where I am for the moment. Holding on to that feeling while it last. Not trying to superimpose anything on it.

Not panicking because I can’t get online. Just writing and hoping that when the time is right I will find a connection. Filling myself up with the possibilities that exist for me today. Praying that I will keep my eyes and ears and all of me open to every possibility that presents itself to me even when it may frighten me.

Feeling a tingling sensation going through my whole body because I have set my intention for the day. To be as open, as compassionate, as loving, as giving, and as forgiving as I possibly can in order to attract what is rightfully mine.

Here’s to another week. This time with gratitude. And as I type these last words, my Internet connection just came on. Proving to me that when we surrender and accept a solution is always found. And for this lesson I am truly grateful.

And then I listened to Cat Stevens singing Morning has Broken. Filling me with incredible joy. Try it. It will make your heart, mind, body and soul sing. Glory to this morning and this day. A new beginning.

Enjoy the song on You Tube and enjoy your day!


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