More Best Life Tips from Extreme Clutter and Peter Walsh (videos)

OWN and couldn’t leave these amazing lessons from Peter Walsh on the cutting room floor…so, take a few minutes and enjoy the videos from OWN. You just may learn a trick or two that will empower you to make your life the best life that you can have! Thanks OWN for sharing!

Deleted Scenes: His and Hers – Sharing a closet can be a daunting task. Here are some tricks of the trade on how to negotiate closet space from Peter Walsh.

Deleted Scenes: Multi-Functional Window Seat – Peter Walsh shows us how a window seat can be used to both furnish your home and create storage space.

Deleted Scenes: Honoring Your Things – Peter Walsh uses a simple shadow box to demonstrate how to honor and respect the items of personal value.


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    Hi Peter,
    I remember your suggestion (a number of years ago) to a man that he shadowbox his Cub Scout uniform that was in pristine condition hanging in the back of a closet. I’ve used the concept ever since. Many thanks for you!
    Johanna Bard/Your Hudson Valley Organizer

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