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Meditation: Release It

All of us at times can get bogged down by the negative energy that seems to eat at us. Don’t let it get to you. Instead do this simple meditation and release it all!

  • Begin by taking in three long, deep breaths, closing your eyes and focusing on your lungs as they fill.
  • Then as you inhale, bring forth in your mind an issue or emotion that is troubling you. 
  • Let it fill your lungs and then firmly blow it out releasing it.
  • You may need to repeat this several times with each.  It usually takes me at least two or three times depending on the issue.
  • Once you have released the negative energy, then take three deep breaths and focus on inhaling what you want in your life and exhaling the stress and uncertainty. Let it fill you up and help you to feel at peace.
  • Repeat this process of breathing out what they do not want in your life and breathing in what you do want three times or more if it helps.
  • Before opening your eyes, focus on your breathing and the quietness.

NOW you are ready for your day and anything that comes your way!

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