Lovetown, USA

Lovetown USA – A Little Show with a Big Heart

The Oprah Winfrey Network has opened it’s heart to a whole new kind of programming…and it seems to be working.  It seems like anything that’s included in Sunday night turns to magic. Lovetown USA is no different.  From the heart of Georgia, matchmakers have come to town to help heal old wounds and find those looking for love a little more of an open heart and possibilities.  As the program takes us on the journey of watching a wave of love take over a town and seep into people’s lives, the program is a reminder of the power of collective energy and a little focus.

Debuting last week, this little show brings a lot of heart and lessons to OWN.  Watching people navigate through their own love lives or through healing old hurts is only part of the process.  This is the second week of Lovetown and it’s a little bit like something we might have seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show – how a town navigates through a social love experiment.  As we watch the process, these two Lovetown fans and viewers are routing for love and are a little hopeful that at the end of the series, OWN will sit everyone down with Oprah or an Oprah-host and let us know first-hand what the experience was like and how it’s changed their lives. Lovetown USA is on each Sunday at 10/9c. Be sure to catch it! You’ll be glad you did.  Be warned…you will probably fall in love with it.

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