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Look Up and Enjoy the Day

Years ago, someone important in my life gave me an inspirational card when I was going through one of those moments when you feel that you may never recover and make it back to “normal.”  They gave it to me back in the mid-80’s before Google ruled the world or a quote of the day existed to bring me love to my email each morning.   It started…

“Today, I brought you a beautiful sunrise but you didn’t notice…” – God

It changed my life….because 26 years later, I can still hear the words in my heart and I am writing about it right now and sharing it with you.  Within the little yellow card was this lesson:  Look up and enjoy the day…every day.  See the sunshine…the blue skies…the trees stretching or swaying in the breeze.  See the smiles on people’s faces…the hop and skip in the child’s step…the wagging tail welcoming you home…the stillness and the peacefulness that comes with nightfall.  STOP and pay attention.

Everything is put right in front of you to enjoy the day and to find joy in your life.  It’s all an amazing gift that happens every single second of the day.  Don’t forget…in your busy, stressed out, tired, long and overwhelming day…just look up because the world wants you to notice…it’s all been put there just for you.

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