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Life is a Journey…Not a Race to the Finish Line.

Already into week 5 and to our 5th Oprah expert and I’m realizing one thing…this is much harder than it looks.  Empowering yourself with small changes is not the tough part.  Taking the time to do them and stick to them is where it gets a little bit tricky…and giving yourself a pass for not being perfect…that’s the hard part I’m talking about.

With Peter Walsh dreams still piled up in the bedroom from the closet, I gave myself a pass.  “It doesn’t have to be perfect…baby steps,” I told myself.  I used to have a boss that would tell me, “You can’t eat an elephant all at once.   You eat it one bite at a time.”  Not the best analogy, but it fits with this last week.  You can’t do everything at once…it takes time.  Finding the closet floor was accomplished.  Reclaiming the space?  Done.  Finding a home or new home for the some of the removed items was not as easy.  On TV, this happens in the space of a magic hour.  In real life, it’s a different story.  The greatest lessons from this last week with Peter Walsh include:

  • Don’t let the “stuff” in your life sink your life.  Stop getting weighed down by the things around you.  Get rid of it and reclaim your life.
  • Organization doesn’t mean perfect.  It takes time and it’s about what works for you and your life.
  • Changing your life takes time and making a commitment to yourself.  Give yourself both…as well as a pat on the back every once in awhile.  Life is a journey, not a race to the finish line!

As I move into Suze Orman’s week and try to catch up to my sister, I’m thinking of combining a little Peter cleanup with a little Suze sense.  You know, I’m sure that some of those closet piles could bring me a little extra money on eBay.  Just sayin…there may be a reason why God had the weeks fall into place like they did.  I wonder how much I can make….and maybe it will help us get to OYou.   Everyone has to have a dream…

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