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Life Can Be Changed…Even for the Change-Resistant

If you had told me 11 months ago that I would be watching 12+ hours a week of targeted television (not the kind that plays mindlessly in the background while you cook, clean, work, answer email or try to fall asleep), I would have told you that you didn’t have a clue what you were talking about.  If you had told me that it would change my life, I would have politely considered you a little crazy…or maybe wonder if you had been drinking.  My response would have been a sarcastic “Seriously?  Seriously?”  then, I would have changed the subject. But that was then…and today, I’m 100% certain that I am the one that doesn’t have any clue what life may have in store for me…

Starting The Daily OWN…A roller coaster?  Yes.  Hard? Yes. Challenging? Most definitely.  Life changing? Every day…seriously. Every frickin day…SERIOUSLY.

If you would have told me at any time in my life that this painfully shy girl  would be writing a blog and doing something that made me feel so good that I wanted to put it out there and share the lessons and the changes and the content with the rest of the world, I would have politely smiled and thought something different.  How wrong I have been about life…because if an old computer and an Internet connection can change my life, think about what a little awareness and joy can do for it.

Open your eyes to your life…and be ready.  Change can happen at any moment.  If you are pushed, pulled, drawn, called…go. It just might change your life…even if you are resistant to change.  Seriously…this, I know for sure.

2 thoughts on “Life Can Be Changed…Even for the Change-Resistant

  1. Keep doing what you do because you are great at it. I appreciate your inspiration, it fills my soul with joy! Have a fabulous week! Looking forward to embracing the positive changes in my new life. What an adventure!

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