Living the Lessons

Lessons on Being Present – The Inside Story

My trip to meet Oprah that happened just a week ago was almost the trip that wasn’t…because of an actual trip.  The weeks leading up to the New York City Lifeclass, I was almost already there.  Planning the visit when I wasn’t focused on something else and sometimes even when I was…wondering what it would be like…what would it mean to me…to my life.  So as I went through my daily routine in sunny Sarasota, my mind was in NYC…and during one of those New York state of mind moments is when my lesson came…and in a big way.

As I went through the daily motions and walked my two dogs one morning, I was counting the days…”Only seven more days until we leave for Lifeclass…I wonder what I will be doing next week at this time…I can’t believe I’m going to see it…to see Oprah!”  As my mind wrapped around the experience to come, the two dog leashes wrapped around my feet.  I remember as my body started to tilt forward and I stumbled a few steps saying, “No…No…No…” out loud.  Within moments, I wasn’t in New York City anymore.

First, my ankles went down. Then the knees hit. Then, I remember my chest cushioning the impact while my arms and hands tried to brace what was coming.  Then, in S-L-O-W motion, my head came forward while the last “Noooooooooooo” passed my lips.  I heard my head hit…like a thump.  The right side…the “emotional part” of the brain.  The sound was a cross between what you would hear if you dropped a basketball full of sand to the sidewalk.  No bounce…and not much air.

While the dogs stopped and I carefully stood up and found my way inside to the couch, my world was quickly jolted back from NYC and into the present.  Frozen peas for the swelling, a wet washcloth, some major BandAid and Neosporin control and some Extra-Strength Tylenol helped to ward off any trip to the emergency room.  Most bruises and scrapes could be hidden…but the lesson was super clear.

A lifeclass lesson that came seven days before the trip…an actual trip to remind me that it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing…try to be in the moment…be present in your life…or you might get a reminder that could be just as simple as a hit on the head.

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