Iyanla Fix My Life

Iyanla Fix My Life Breaks Open Lives to Break Free

When you hear Iyanla Vanzant speak, you know that there is something special there.  When you hear her story, it brings you a greater understanding of the strength and power of the words and wisdom coming from her.  When you see her in action on her new show Iyanla Fix My Life on OWN, you realize that there is more going on here than an intervention and family therapy program.  In Iyanla Fix My Life, the fixing is the work that is done after the problems are broken open to help break free from the past and move forward in life.

In this amazing program that takes Iyanla out into the world and into people’s lives, we are given the most amazing gift.  In each and every episode, we are offered reminders of how important life is…how important we are…how important relationships are.  We are reminded to “get off our position” and to see the world around us differently…and see ourselves differently.  We are shown that love and energy are key ingredients to healing.  And we are reminded that living our best life begins with standing in our truth and healing our own lives.

Iyanla may not be your conventional therapist with the note pad and couch but this is what makes her so special.  With no script in hand, Iyanla shows up in Fix My Life and brings with her powerful, no-nonsense lessons for this life workshop.  It’s as if she understands – life is precious and don’t sit around and waste it.  Fix what’s broken and get on with living the best life that you can.  Get out from under your lies and secrets and hurt and destruction and get on with making the most of each and every day.  The tools are there for the taking each Saturday night on OWN.  Unlike no other…this show has more than heart and soul.  It has Iyanla.  Bravo OWN.

Here are a few videos from this week’s episode from OWN and Oprah.com.  Amazing work.  Amazing lessons. Enjoy.

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