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How Much Am I willing to Give Away of Myself?

All my best hours are usually spent in a whirlwind of doing all of the “other stuff” in my life for everyone else. Not on the stuff I love necessarily but on what life puts in my path…helping others…taking care of someone else…packing someone else’s parachute before checking on my own. This isn’t new and it’s not unique to me. The whimsy of selfishness is wasted on our teen years because by the time you hit 25, you have dropped to the bottom of your own list and your volunteer hours of giving yourself away have already started your own different kind of career in “service.”

So, if you find yourself even just a little in this picture I’ve painted above, it’s time to ask yourself, “How much am I willing to give away of myself?” and make sure that you make it back onto your own list. Life is wonderful…but when you stop packing the parachute for people who don’t notice or don’t care and turn your attention back to what fills you up, you will realize that you are getting back a lot more that what you are giving away.

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