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Our OWN Positive Actions: Help Push the OWN Wave

The Oprah Winfrey Network is changing the face of television and creating a new mold for quality tv programming. With Oprah at the helm, many of expectations have been a little ridiculous despite her doing better than most start up cable networks. That is what can happen when someone is so well respected. People have grown to depend on the quality of Oprah’s work.

As her team strategically builds the network hour by hour with original programming, OWN viewers are standing together and trying to push the wave of lessons and positive messages forward. When I met Oprah face to face on Monday, I told her that if she needed anything, any help…just ask, to which she replied, “You’re already doing so much.” I got to thinking about this tonight.  We all can do more for a woman who is trying to push a wave of love into the world. 

Today, you can make a difference. Please take a moment to do these 3 simple things for Oprah and OWN:

  1. Send out one email to a friend or family member talking about one of the shows you watch on OWN.
  2. Post something on Facebook about something you learned from an OWN show.
  3. Tell at least 1 person about the network as you stand in line or around the water cooler.

As Oprah and her team work hard to create the wave, the least we can do is help to push it along.  Help change the world…one show at a time…one lesson at a time.  Oprah will appreciate it.  Her team will appreciate it.  AND the world will be a better place for it.  Alone, we may be a ripple…but together we can make a pretty big wave.

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