Living the Lessons

Get Quiet and Find the Magic

water-dropSometimes it feels like we are trapped in a society of voices…sometimes very LOUD voices. We find ourselves struggling to have our opinions heard and to grasp the coveted final word. Afraid that we won’t matter or will be overlooked, having the last word has become an important and strategic move in arguments, discussions and in our own lives. In fact, many people plan their counter-arguments while others are still forming their words. Without taking the time to stop and listen, we craft our rebuttals on a few words and the assumptions that follow. Their voices are background noise to our own thoughts. It is almost as if we are so afraid we don’t matter unless we have been heard or unless we get to put in our own two cents. The truth is, since everyone is focusing on what we want to say instead of on what is being said, our words don’t really matter. The topic becomes irrelevant and winning becomes the goal. But does the last word really win? Or are we all losers for missing out on a real conversation?

Compounding the issue, silence in conversation and in the world has become uncomfortable. Instead of evoking a feeling of peace, many have difficulties silencing their minds. With the lack of quiet in their lives, the empty moments feel foreign and uneasy. So, everyone talks and no one listens. The template has been laid out for us all on nightly news stations and reality shows. As a society, we have lost the art of communication and are engulfed in the battle of being heard. Sadly that goes against what our society needs in order to thrive…we need rich conversations filled with thoughtful listening.

It is time that we all get quiet and create some magical and inspiring conversations. By failing to listen, we lose the lessons that the world is whispering to us. If we are constantly talking over each other, not only can we not hear those speaking to us…often, we can’t even hear our own inner voices. Those important voices that guide us in our journey and often keep us safe and show us the way to go when we need a little help.

Be patient with the words. How can people value our words if we don’t value them ourselves? We should put thought behind each and every word we say as well as each and every word we hear. Because if we aren’t actively listening in the conversation, the words don’t really matter. They simply fall to the floor…and we miss them. So as we go to respond, take a deep breath and give the gift of our presence. With a world of distractions, it can be hard to not feel pulled. But out of respect for the words, put the texts and ease-dropping on hold for a few minutes and focus. In those moments, we find ourselves engaging in the most riveting, magical conversations. That is when change and growth happens.

Often, when we notice the words, we can see the magic. The magic in life is in the little things said and shared. The stories, the excitement, the experiences. By missing the words, we miss the opportunity to see the beauty. Today, let’s find the beauty again in our lives by taking a lesson from those who are hard of hearing. In conversation, they stay focused on you and on each and every word. They think about what you are trying to communicate and then reply. Everything slows down and their words are picked carefully. If only we all had that same focus, imagine how great we would feel. We would feel heard. We would know that our words mattered. It would be magical. So…get quiet and create your own magic starting today!

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