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Focusing on Your Energy Community

It’s amazing to stop every once in a while and look at your journey.  One year ago today, we were exactly one week away from attending our first OYou conference and spinning in the amazing energy from Oprah’s Lifeclass series on OWN.   This year, with just a little less than two weeks to go before our big California adventure and all of the surprises it may bring, we are coming into our 11th week of our boot camp with a new focus in mind and a different kind of energy. After paying attention to all of the areas that Oprah and O Magazine teach us about, we’ve decided that for this last “work” week of our boot camp series before the wrap-up week, we wanted to look at our energy community and what that means in the scope of living our best lives.

As we wrap up the emotions and blessing from our Oprah week and focusing more light on practicing gratitude, it has prepared us perfectly for stepping right in to this week as we move into focusing on the energy around us. Someone once told us, “Energy is everything.  It is not only what moves you through the world…it’s also what moves each and every thing through the world.”  For this week, we’ll be looking at the energy that surrounds us as well as the energy that we offer back to the world because they are often connected…hand in hand.

With open eyes and an open heart, we are already starting to notice the subtle mixes around us and how it impacts everything. This week the challenge is not only to notice our energy community, but to rise up to the challenge of being the energy that we want to see in the world.

Here are the challenges for the week.

  • Finding Your Energy Space – Each and every day, take time to stop and watch the energy around you. Like a college student project, give yourself 5 minutes to sit in silence and see the energy that surrounds you and moves around you, often unnoticed.  From this observation,  make the adjustments that you need to make to help you move closer to living your best life.
  • Making Connections – Grow and nourish your own energy connections. Give yourself the time to reach out and pay attention each day to the best people who fill you up and recharge your spirit.  Reach out to someone different each and every single day and say thank you.  Fill up your good energy…or fill them up!
  • Giving Back – Find different ways to give good energy out to the world.  Do something for someone else…donate something you don’t need…help where the world around you needs help. Look at the bigger picture and find out how you can help your energy community.   A food bank, a rest home, meals on wheels.  Find out how you can put some good energy out into the world, because when you do, it will multiply with each person you touch.

We hope you follow our journey and are inspired enough to join us…or take on one of our energy challenges!   Welcome to week eleven of our OYou 2012 Boot Camp Challenge. Be the change in your world and around you.  It all starts with energy…and making a move in that direction!  When you have amazing energy around you, it changes everything in your life.  When you are that energy for someone else, you begin changing the world.  This week we are focusing on our energy community …because energy is everything and what kind of energy you have in your life makes all the difference in the world.

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